Non-Governmental oganization

EAROPH(Eastern Regional Organization for Planning & Human Settlements) is a Non-Governmental Organization(NGO) that include whole countries in Asian, Australasia and Pacific area which located longitude between 60 degrees east and 180 degrees east.


The mission of the organization are to improve housing needs essence and possibility among these countries in the EAROPH region; to realize better living quality by promoting the research activities on urban & rural planning and the domiciled plan that meet to the international level.

EAROPH was founded in 1956 in New Delhi as the regional chapter of International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP) and was officially inaugurated under its new constitution at the 2nd EAROPH International Congress in Tokyo, Japan, in 1960 as Eastern Regional Organization for Planning & Housing and approved as NGO status form the United Nations(UN).

Later, it became independent from IFHP in 1980, renamed as Eastern Regional Organization for Planning & Housing and keep going into partnership with IFHP.

Again “housing” in the name of organization was changed to Human-Settlements in 2004.

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Contact Group Chief of EAROPH
TEL+81-954-66-9117 mailearoph2015-regional-seminar@city.ureshino.lg.jp
Kiyokazu MINE ; Group Chief of EAROPH 2015 Regional Seminar Group
Kikuko NAKAGAWA ;Secretary of EAROPH 2015 Regional Seminar Group